In 1917, an industrious 17-year-old North Carolinian named A. Leon Capel started a company manufacturing mule plow lines and ropes. He named his company Gee-Haw, because mules back then had a language all their own: “Gee” for turn right, “Haw” for turn left, “Whoa” for stop and “Git Up” for go.


Shortly after, while in Atlanta to find distributors for his goods, young Leon found his downfall instead: a mechanical tractor that could outperform mules 100 to 1 in the field. Leon quickly surmised that his new company was, in fact, at the end of its rope.

Not a quitter, more of a “Git Up” and goer, Leon recognized that machines were the future and quickly bought sewing machines. He braided his ropes instead of twisting them together and sewed those braids into the very first Capel rug.

New materials and mills were soon added, his children and grandchildren learned the rug trade and the company branched out from braids to offer high-quality imported collections.

Now we’re celebrating 100 years, and we’re doing it the only way we know how—by continuing the family legacy. Each day Capel’s employees and our weaving partners worldwide work together to enhance our reputation as the industry leader in braids and handwoven rugs.


what we’re known for: 
we’re an american brand. 

We make rugs in our American factories and we also source rug weaving vendors from around the world to create a collection unrivaled in range, unsurpassed in design and uncompromising in quality.